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The Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc.

National State of Emergency Declared

Approximately 1 hour ago, while speaking in the White House Rose Garden, President Trump declared a national emergency that could free up $50 billion to help fight the pandemic and said that he was empowering the secretary of Health and Human Services to waive certain laws and regulations to ensure the virus can be contained and patients treated.   Read the full story here.

From the ALPI CEO to ALPI Staff

To: All ALPI Employees
From: Arlene Dobison, CEO
Date: March 13, 2020
Subject: COVID19/Coronavirus

The ALPI continues to be proactive in its preparation and prevention measures regarding the COVID19/Coronavirus. In addition, The ALPI website includes valuable information and resources pertaining to the virus.

To protect the health and safety of our staff and the safety of our children and families, effective immediately, home visits, events/activities requiring large gatherings, are cancelled and out-of-state travel suspended, until further notice. Any questions should be directed via email to the CEO.

Thank you for your time and consideration … and, please stay safe.

A. Dobison

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