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Child Care

The ALPI Child Development and Family Services Division has the responsibility of managing the ALPI directly operated child care centers. The centers are located in Polk, and St. Lucie counties. The Division manages services to all centers via the support system design of ALPI Child Development and Family Services. These include education, health and family services. Child care is available at times that best meet the needs of parents of children enrolled.

ALPI Child Care Services’ goals continue to be:

  1. Provide a safe caring environment for children as well as promote family self-sufficiency.
  2. Offer a developmentally appropriate classroom setting to meet and promote family sufficiency.
  3. Offer a developmentally appropriate classroom setting to meet the developmental needs of each child.
  4. Promote experience and provide activities to help the child develop socially, physically and cognitively to achieve school readiness by age five.
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Parent involvement is accomplished through parent committee meetings or PTO meetings, parent conferences, news bulletins or brochures. These contacts assist in helping parents to become knowledgeable in the growth and development of their children as well as keeping them informed of center activities.

Fee for Service
In an attempt to meet the needs of families unable to secure or qualify for subsidized child care, a fee for service is available, General Child Care Service (full day service) for full fee and Drop-In Care. Drop-In child care service is provided to parents on an as needed basis. All fees are due prior to child care services being rendered.

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