The Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc.


Guiding Principles

The five (5) underlying principles that guide ALPI activities:

  1. Involvement of People
  2. Emphasis on long term accomplishments rather than Promises
  3. Assurances of economic viability
  4. Emphasis on self-help
  5. A sound, integrated, total systems approach

In conceptualizing the ALPI overall program, five (5) main areas of activity continue to emerge:

Since ALPI was incorporated in 1978, it has experienced consistent and incremental growth. From its modest beginning, ALPI has become an organization that continues to leverage its resources to employ over 200 employees and administer an annual agency wide budget in excess of 19 million dollars.

The Coca-Cola/Minute Maid Company provided over 30 years of funding and support that has enabled ALPI to establish and maintain a centralized administrative structure and a sound financial management system. Audit reviews and state and federal monitoring have all determined these systems to be in compliance with required regulations, policies, procedures and practices.

Over the years, ALPI has received funding from a variety of sources. The levels and types of funding continue to be diverse (e.g. United Way, Public Schools, Children Services Councils, Federal, State, Corporate Foundations, etc.), thus enabling ALPI to expand services into more targeted areas.

In 1993, ALPI was funded 2.7 million dollars by the US Department of Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration to construct fifty-eight (58) units of affordable rental housing for farm laborers. The Agricultural and Labor Housing Development Corporation oversees the management and supervision of the project.

The project known as New Horizon Housing Development was opened for occupancy in 1996 and has since been operating at 95 to 100% capacity.

ALPI has established an efficient and powerful base of constituents via Regional Advisory Councils. There are four (4) councils throughout the ALPI service delivery network. Each council has up to eighteen (18) members. The councils are very active in planning and sponsoring activities that generate community involvement and participation.

ALPI places a high focus on partnerships and collaboration efforts to maximize the use of limited resources. As a result, ALPI continues to generate community support (i.e. funding, in-kind services, facilities, etc.) that is valued at more than 2 million dollars annually.

ALPI’s Children and Family Services Division focus is on activities that enhance the process of providing developmentally appropriate early education activities including, but not limited to, health, nutrition, dental, mental health, parent information and referral on quality child care and health services programs.

ALPI is a certified Child/Adult Care Food Program agency. Through this program, ALPI provides nutrition and meal services for Head Start and Child Care Program participants and certifies private child care providers to participate in the program.


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