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Florida leads U.S. in new coronavirus cases

Florida has broken its state’s record for daily new cases of COVID-19 multiple times in the past week. That trajectory puts Florida, which has reported more than 80,000 cases in total, atop a list of nine states where coronavirus cases are rising significantly. According to a Fortune analysis of New York Times data, Florida averaged 726 new cases per day in the seven-day period ending June 1; that compares to an average of 1,775 new cases per day in the seven-day period ending yesterday, June 15. (While concerning, those figures are well off New York’s April 4 peak in new cases, when the state reported 12,312 new cases in one day.)

While some officials In Florida have linked the increase to higher rates of coronavirus testing, data shows that the rate of positive COVID-19 tests in Florida is increasing. The state’s data reporting and decision-making around reopening has been a subject of some controversy.

Arizona and Texas were also among states to see a significant increase in new cases over the past seven days as compared to two weeks prior. On average, Arizona has 811 more new cases per day in the past seven days than in the seven-day period ending June 1.

The states that were hit hard in the early stages of the pandemic and thus are still in the beginning stages of reopening continued to see decreases in new cases. New cases reported per day in Massachusetts are down by an average of 781 cases compared to two weeks ago. Seven other states, including Illinois and Virginia, saw significant drops in new cases between the two periods.

Overall, slightly more states saw the trajectory of new cases declining than rising, but the total number of new cases per day across the country, on average, was slightly higher for the week ending June 15 (21,821) compared to two weeks ago (21,510).

State-by-state breakdown of daily new cases

New cases based on a seven-day average.

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