The Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc.

Duties of Directors

Now, based upon my previous entry on Corporations 101, you need to know more, especially about the legal duties upon you as a Member of the Board of Directors of ALPI. Recall your oath of office to which you swore or affirmed when you were sworn in as a Director.

The law imposes certain duties upon each Director of the Board of Directors of a corporation, whether profit or non-profit, in exchange for the shield against personal liability for any activity of yours on behalf of the corporation.

1. DUTY OF LOYALTY:  you place the corporation’s interests highest when acting or deciding, rather than personal or other interests.

2. DUTY OF CARE:   you make decisions based upon study, research, common sense and logic, not bias or emotion or irrelevant matters.

3. DUTY OF OBEDIENCE:   you act and decide in compliance with the mission, purpose, known goals, and settled decisions of the corporation.

You should keep these duties in mind and refer to them in written form if possible and regularly, as you:

1. Represent ALPI in your community.

2. Receive and read the materials prior to each meeting.

3. Meet with the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, members of Committees of the Board, and if you attend Policy and Advisory Council meetings, which is when you register you vote on any motion and participate in discussion on any agenda item.

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